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Welcome to the Quali Transports Exchange website !

Quality counts for us

Are you looking for a

transport company or cargo to transport.

Then you have come to the right place!


Are you looking for a transport company or freight.

We check all freight orders, as well as all offers from transport companies.

For us, quality counts

Do you have freight to ship and no shipping company? Then we'll take a look for you. You give us your freight with all the information, we check it, then we put it online on our site. Now you can  Transport companies apply for this freight and make an offer or take it over at a fixed price, which we also check. We will forward every offer that has passed the test to you. If there are several, we may also provide a recommendation. The same applies if the freight is taken over at a fixed price.




Stock market


Suitable for transport companies to receive orders!

Fixed price or quotation orders


to ship


For Companies who need to have freight sent/collected

Fixed price or quotation orders

advice & support

We are happy to help!

Telephone support for your transportation needs

Regardless of whether you have questions about ongoing transport or would like personal advice – our dedicated support team is available to help you by phone. We understand that direct contact is often indispensable in order to clarify individual concerns and find tailor-made solutions. Simply give us a call or email us and we will take care of meeting your transport needs efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.


Your satisfaction is what drives us – we are happy to be there for you!



Quali Transports Exchange

Rüttenestrasse 3

CH 8554 Müllheim-Wigoltingen

Tel  +41 79 569 70 72

Thanks for submitting!

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