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Processing a freight order via Quali Transports Exchange

On this page we explain to you how a freight order via Quali Transport Exchange should work.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Freight exchange procedures

As soon as the freight order has been checked by us  and found to be correct, we will put it on the freight exchange page.

There are now two procedures here.

Which one is applied decides

the client

Method number 1 is the fixed price variant:

As the name suggests, transport is offered here at a fixed price. This has the advantage that the bidding process is eliminated and the freight order can be awarded more quickly. (but cannot always be guaranteed).

Disadvantage: you have less influence on who accepts the order because it is a fixed price.  

The 2nd procedure is the budget procedure:

As the client, you specify a budget for the maximum amount the transport can cost.

Up to 3 transport companies can make you an offer and you can also see how the respective transport companies are rated. Here too, for data protection reasons, we do not pass on all of the transport company's data to you.

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Scott Graham


How are things now? further?

That depends on the method chosen.

As described above, the fixed price procedure is relatively simple: the transport company that is interested in your transport says yes, I will take care of this transport, this company carries out the order and then sends you the invoice directly.

The budget process is a little different: the interested transport companies make an offer and you then decide which one you want to accept or not.

Of course you are free to do so. whether you would like to hire one of the suggested companies or reject it.

For reasons of clarity for you, we release 3 slots per freight order. (Say, well, one isn't bad, but I want two other procedures, then just delete the two that don't interest you and you have two free again).

Once you have decided on an offer and then awarded it, it works. as with the fixed price procedure. The transport company receives an order confirmation for the order and you then receive the invoice from the transport company according to the agreed price. 

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